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Civilized Canine

Wish you could take control of your frisky dog? Let Civilized Canine and Stonebridge Vet turn your distracted dog into a polite pooch with cutting-edge obedience techniques. Whether your furry friend needs to learn verbal commands, leash training, or how to stop bad behaviors, professional dog trainer Antony Williamson can transform your playful pup into a civilized canine in six to ten lessons.


Civilized Canine’s compulsive training techniques help you tune in to your dog’s natural instincts. We’ll teach you tools and tricks to tame even the wildest dog by tapping into your pet’s instinctual need to please. Civilized Canine is provided in this area through Stonebridge Vet. Together with you we'll make a great team and help train your dog!


We believe that training is possible for every dog, and we guarantee effective, high-quality training for dogs and owners. However, training can’t change temperament, and we cannot guarantee that every dog will never again experience aggression or other behavioral issues.


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